More Information

At The Wolf Pack we try to fulfill all of our customers needs, we understand that they will not all be the same, therefor we can arrange early morning, evening and weekend walks/visits subject to availibility and a small charge.

Unfortunately, for the safety of your dog and others, entire males and bitch's in season must be walked on the lead on group walks.

If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or humans, they will be unable to join The Wolf Pack. Similarly, if they are very strong and untrained on the a lead they may also not be able to take part in our walks.

We require proof that your dog is up to date with all of their vaccinations so make sure to have this ready for your consultation.

With your permission we prefer to allow dogs off the lead during our walks, however if you know that your dog doesnt respond to recall or has a tendancy to wander please advise us that they need to be kept on the lead. We dont want to lose your dog anymore than you do.

We are able to payments by cash, card or direct debits on a per walk, weekly or monthly basis, whichever method suits you best.

The Wolf Pack aims to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for our humans and their hounds so if there are any extra requirements you may have please do not hesitate to contact us or discuss them at your consultation.

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