Why Choose Us?

Welcome to The Wolf Pack, where we offer an attentive service tailored to your dogs needs, including dog walking, day care, boarding, visits and more.


Why do you need a dog care service?

Having studied and worked as a dog walker, I quickly became aware that a dogs level of exercise and socialisation would have a direct impact on its behaviour. Additionally, I witnessed the negative impact it could have on owners that had worked long hours, only to come home to a hyperactive, potentially destructive dog. With this in mind, the services provided by The Wolf Pack are inspired by improving the life and relationship of both the owner and their beloved dog.







What's different about The Wolf Pack?

Knowing I did not want to follow in the footsteps of others offering a standard pet care service, I have brought modern ideas mixed with bespoke, local dog care to South Devon. Rather than overstretching our business to cover snakes, horses and everything inbetween, we've dedicated ourselves to everything WOOF! When you join The Wolf Pack, you will become a member of our community of dedicated dog owners with the chance to join us for local events and playdays where you will meet likeminded people and dogs. Joining The Wolf Pack also means you will never be more than a click away from your dog. With regular photos, videos and pupdates you will be able to see first hand that your dog is receiving excellent care and thoroughly enjoying themselves.








Is The Wolf Pack a service you can trust?

We know that most importantly owners are looking for a reliable, caring dog walker with whom they can trust their best friend. Having owned dogs all my life I can relate that their is no stronger bond and unconditional love than with your dog. While your canine companion is in the care of The Wolf Pack, they will be treated as if they were my own, meaning plenty of slobbery kisses! For peace of mind, I can provide evidence of my clear DBS record, have full coverage of insurance and offer a free consultation.




Are you ready to run with The Wolf Pack?

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